After visiting many crafts sales I have come across so many great ideas and a long

list of things I would like to try - homemade crayons being one of them.

My son absolutely loves colouring and using various colours as do other children

of the same age. I quickly remember that cute dinosaur crayon he purchased from one of the sales last season.     BINGO!

I know what we are doing for the class gifts this Christmas - HOLIDAY THEMED CRAYONS

Here are the steps to making your own crayons.

Step 1.    Collect varies crayons - broken crayons are perfect for this project.


What you will need:

  • Kool Aid Package (favourite colours)
  • 2/3 cup water
  • boiled eggs
  • spoon
  • cups (you will need 1 cup per flavour)
  • drying rack/egg carton

Colourful Homemade Crayons

Step 5.     Fill your mold. I filled 1/2 the mold to make a thinner crayon

                 Filling 2/3 will make a thicker crayon. You do not want to fill

                 it too high or the wax will overflow.

Step 6.     Set your oven to 170 degrees.  Place your mold on to a

                 baking sheet this will be easier for you to remove the mold

                 from the oven once the wax has melted. The baking sheet

                 will also prevent spillage in your oven should it bubble.

                 It should take approximately 25-30 minutes for the crayons

                 to completely melt (this will vary depending on the size of

                 your mold and oven).

Step 1.

Boil eggs - as many as you would like. We made 8 for a colourful basket!

Fill your cups with 2/3 water and pour the entire packet of Kool-Aid.

Here you can see how the colours turn out using

various flavours.

I do not recommend using the lemonade flavour.

Step 2.

Place the eggs using your spoon into the Kool-Aid - it should only take a few minutes and the eggs will take on a beautiful vibrant colour.

Step 3.

Remove the egg and place on the drying rack or in the egg carton.  

Mmmmm.... Your kitchen should smell very FRUITY at this point!

You're Done! Hope you had fun making KOOL EGGS!


Step 2.    Clean the crayons - fill a bowl with luke warm water this 

                will make peeling the label paper easier.

Step 3.     Find a mold that is oven safe. I purchased a silicone mold from

                 the Dollar Store. Size and shape is your choice.

Step 4.     Sort out the colours according to how you would like them to

                 look - you can do solid, rainbow, layered, it is totally up to you.

                 I went with red and white for the Santa head.

Do-It-Yourself Crafts

Step 7.     Once they are fully melted, remove the mold from the 

                 oven and let cool for about 30-45 minutes until they have

                 become hard (again depending on the size of your mold).         


                 Once they have become hard  POP THEM OUT!